We have held 4 dialogue meetings about the Suså project:

    • Meeting with the primary stakeholders on the 12th og June.
    • Meeting with the Suså environmental group and representatives from the local councils on the 15th June.
    • Meeting with representatives from the canoe rental services and remaining stakeholders along the lower Suså on the 21st of June.
    • Meeting with nature and outdoor organizations on the 22nd of June.
        You can watch the slideshow that was used at the meetings by clicking on the following link:

Main conclusion::
There is no support for continuing with the solution proposed by Niras, nor the alternative solution which we has been named Holløse Mølle C, where the water level would rise approx. 60 cm at Skelby.
There is support for further pursuing the following 3 alternatives:
• The 1st alternative (costumized Holløse Møle B): approx. 20-25 cm fall at Skelby. Continued turbine operation. Torpe canal is prolonged to the Suså river. No cork in the bottom of Bavelse Sø. Flow at Stridsmølle and south of the Gunderslevholm bridge. It will be possible to set a canoe in the water at Skelby, and to canoe in both directions. There will be a as high a looping gradient as possible at the Holløse Mølle bypass. The fall will be spread across several long stretches.
• The 2nd alternative: As the above, but without any changes at Bavelse Sø, meaning no prolonging of Torpe canal.
• The 3rd alternative (costumized Holløse Mølle A): Similar to the 1st alternative, but without the fall in the water level at Skelby. This means, that there will be a longer bypass flow at Holløse Mølle.

The municipality of Næstved will keep working on a draft offer for the technical and biological studies during the course of August. The offer will propose, that the technical and biological studies will be done in several phases, so that it will be possible to discuss and comment the findings as they come in. This way we can answer the many questions posed, and use our resources correctly (making calculations on the most realistic solutions).
If you would like to read the discussions from the individual meetings, you can download the summaries here.