What will happen when?

The entiere project shall be compleated by the end of 2021. EU can, however, give permission for the project to extend.

The project is divided into several subjects which each contains a number og actions. The subjects are:

Preliminary inititives (A)
Negotiation with landowners (B)
Specific conservation measures (C)
Monitoring the result of the projects actions (D)
Publicity and communication about the project (E)
Project management (F)

There will be continuous communication about the project, in connection with the concrete constuction work, but also through the website, the Danish Nature Council’s meetings, monitoring groups, press, public meetings etc.

Time schedule for More Life in the Suså river

Focus on the dialog with the landowners, intrest groups, and citizens. The project can only be implemented with the support of the landowners.

Biological and technical data have been collected, as part of the preliminary project application. Furthermore, the implication on local community was examined. Topics like fishing, settlement and employment patterns was looked into, and will be revisited when the project is finished.

The tributary Torpe Canal was investigated in an attempt to find living specimens of the thicked shelled river mussel, which could be part of ensuring the future population i Suså river.

In 2017 Næstved Municipality began a collaboration with a company, to reintroduce minnows infected with larvae (glochidier) of thich shelled river mussel.

In the first half of 2018 the technical surveys were completed.

The first releases of fish were completed.

In the fall of 2018 the town council decided to change the focus of the project, including the geografical locations included in the project. Thus focus was moved fra the lower part of Suså river and the Torpe canal, to the upper part of Suså.

Focus will be on redefining and describing the project according to the town council’s new guidelines. And secure approval from the EU.

Furthermore, we will spend time making agreements with the landowners included in the new project area.

Parallel to this we will continue the release of fish, among others infected minnow.

Work continues with defining the more detailed parts of the project description, in order to apply for relevant administrative permissions and dispensations, to implement the necessary construction works.

Time for the actual work in the Suså river. Digging, laying stones and coarse sediments on the riverbed,  planting of freshwater plants and shade giving vegetation along the riverbanks etc.

The release of fish continues.

Detailed time schedule.